Geometry of Landscape

For years I drew the rock walls I saw in Ireland. These were very minimalist drawings: India ink on grey BFK Rives paper. This past spring I spent a week at Ghost Ranch in a workshop addressing interpretive landscapes. The landscape of Ghost Ranch truly inspires. Throughout the drive home and since I have found myself studying the rocks, cliffs, and hills that compose the landscape most familiar to me: my own neighborhood such as it is. Geology is visible everywhere I turn.

Here are the first of what I hope will become a well-rounded body of works. These early paintings are studies done on small canvases as a means of working out colors, shapes, and design before enlarging them to bigger canvases. I have to admit, though, that I have my own collection of small works: nothing larger than 5" x 7". The idea of the availability of these studies to the public because they are small is appealling to me. Must be that minimalist instinct which continues to flourish. There is something quite nice about a tidy little piece of art.

Sometimes in the desert colors are vibrant and sometimes they are very muted. I've found myself using intense color as it expresses the heat we are currently experiencing.

These are all acrylic on canvas. They are grouped by size with paintings and sizes being added as they are completed.
5" x 5"
Evening Landscape
5" x 7"
Evening Desert
​Red Sky
​8" x 8"
​Natural Cairn
Sandstone Hills
​10" x 10"
Dry Bed
​10" x 20"
Inspiration from Ghost Ranch
Cliff Face in Evening
DNA Series