Wildwood Studio sits outside the village of Hillsboro, NM in the foothills of the Black Range Mountains and at the edge of the Gila National Forest. This site is for the presentation of artist Susan Reynolds' latest works. As of late July 2017 the artist began using SusanMaryZ as her art signature. SusanMaryZ is her given name, her middle name, and the first initial of her maiden name.
About my art...
Welcome to my site! I am very happy to share my latest bodies of work with you.

There is a growing collection of pieces in the DNA series: abstract geometric drawings built around actual connections to newly discovered "cousins" through DNA. I'm not done exploring both the DNA data and how to present these stories. For a person who grew up with no first cousins it has been an amazing journey from autonomy to finding that I share DNA with hundreds of others. How we are connected is a vital part of the development of this series.

Participation in a workshop at Ghost Ranch this spring left me observing the landscape around me. Drawn to minimalist works, my interpreted landscapes are acrylic paintings on canvas. Those shown on the "Geometry of Landscape" page are studies in several small sizes: 5" x 5". 5" x 7", 8" x 8", and 10" x 20". It is my intent to enalrge the ones that work best for me. This page is truly one in a state of evolution.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the pieces presented in this site.

Thank you for spending time here.


In fall of 2017 I received a phone call from Gary Van Wyk. He is the guest curator of an exhibit Our Anthropocene: Eco CrisesGary had seen a piece of my work online and was interested in learning more about it. Fire in the Forest was created in 2013 to document the Silver Fire that destroyed more than 125,000 acres of the Gila National Forest. After sending Gary several photos of the piece it was invited into the exhibit which opened in mid-January 2018 at the Center for Book Arts in NYC. My husband and I flew to NYC for the opening. While there I was interviewed as part of a documentary on the Center and Our Anthropocene: Eco Crises. Here is a link to a clip of the documentary that includes my comments and Fire in the Forest.​​

Connecting the Dots: Susan Reynolds on the human network -  a feature profile on Susan and the DNA series published in Pasatiempo, 28 July 2017. To read the article, please click the red button "Connecting the Dots" below:
Connecting the Dots
Our Anthropocene: Eco Crises video
DNA series
Geometry of Landscape
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