Black on grey

This page is for a series of drawings that are snapshots from the landscapes that surround me. They are done with brush or pen in India ink on grey paper. These drawings are my way of sharing what I notice, what I find fascinating. Subjects may be organics like the wild grasses in my yard moving in a breeze or they may be abstractions of man's influences on the land. For some reason I am drawn to draw fences. It doesn't matter to me whether they are keeping things in or keeping things out. Have you ever noticed the variety of fences and walls with which we've marked the land? I am simply sharing what I see. 

Enough said...time for you to take a look. These drawings are grouped by size rather than subject. Welcome to my world!

"A good line or shape gives you another way of seeing and looking at reality, it heals your eyes."

John O'Donoghue, Four Elements: Reflections on Nature