Artist's Statement

Creating is a way of life for me. I think of myself as an adventurer who is an artist, a writer and a distance-walker. My artistic adventures have included photography, a decade of working with clay, book arts, mixed media, and most recently art and ecology, particularly human ecology. How people relate to each other and to the land fascinates me.

My walks have been in many corners of the world. Some years ago I realized that to really know a place I had to walk it. Time alone on the trail has enhanced how I view the landscape and structures around me. Our world is full of lines and patterns. Putting my relationship to landscape into the simplest of lines often results in the evocation of emotion to that place.

Ever-present in my being and my work is the awareness that my life story is not whole. Much of my recent work is built from research into genealogy and solve a family mystery. Not knowing who your parents or grandparents are results in the loss of entire lines of ancestors. Disruption from the familial pairs with disruption from place.

As I worked to identify a pair of grandparents I came to know many ancestors through their histories and their relationships to the land. When I found the unknown I also found the places they came from. The two: place and people are as connected as a strand of DNA.

I currently live in the foothills of the Black Range Mountains in southern New Mexcio. Home is just 6 miles from the Gila National Forest and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness. The three acres I share with my husband Matt and dog Buddy are a corridor for an abundance of wildlife including: bear, bobcat, mountain lion, elk, deer, raccoon, fox, badger, javelina, lizards, and snakes. We are on the migratory path for numerous species of birds. We feel entrusted with this place and do our best to live lightly upon it while accommodating our animal neighbors.



2018 exhibits
         6"x6"x2018, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, June 2018
         Our Anthropocene: Eco Crises, The Center for Book Arts, NYC, NY, 18 January - 31 March, 2018 (by invitation)
         Inclusion in the documentary: Our Anthropocene: Eco Crises   
          Connecting the Dots: Artist Susan Reynolds on the human network by Michael Abatemarco, Pasatiempo July 28, 2017
          2017     Walking to Abstraction, Unsettled Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico; Saturday, 11 March, 1:30 p.m.

 exhibits and shows
          2017     Art in the Park, Sierra Vista, Arizona
          2017     Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
          2017     Some Large, Some Small, Unsettled Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico
          2017     Up/Rooted, Brookline Arts Center, Brookline, Massachusetts
          2016     Petit, Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, New York   
           2015     Trasna V, Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland
          2015     Voices: An Artist's Perspective, online gallery
          2015     Personal Histories, Redland Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia        
          2014     Personal Histories, Redland Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia
          2014     Lines into Park, Estes Park, Colorado
          2014     Art of the Book, Rochester Public Library, Rochester, New York
          2014     The Illustrated Accordion, Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan
          2014     Small Works, N.A.W.A. Gallery, New York City, New York
          2014     Assemble, The Gallery W at the Whitney Center for the Arts, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
          2014     The Muse is Poe, ArtWorks!, New Bedford, Massachusetts
          2013     Ecoeditions, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon
          2013     Tangibles: Beauty and Purpose in the Art of the Book, Univ. of N. Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona
          2013     Crossroads: Book Arts on the Border, Unsettled Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico
          2012     How to Read a Book: an Artists Books Reading Room, Univ. of Wisconsin Green Bay
          2012     Pacific Currents runway fashion show, Handweavers Guild of America's Convergence, Long Beach, California
          2012     RAGS Wearable Art, Tacoma, Washington
          2011     Harvest Time, Poudre River Gallery, Fort Collins, Colorado
          2011     Lines into Shapes, Art Center of Estes Park, Estes Park, Colorado

selected publication inclusions, collections, awards
          2015     Voices: an artist's perspective, and Karen Gutfruend Art
          2014     1st place in artist book category, Art of the Book, Rochester Public Library, Rochester, New York
          2013     EcoEditions, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon
          2013     500 Handmade Books Vol. II, Lark Books
          2012     Cofrin Library Artists' Book Collection, Univ. of Wisconsin Green Bay
          2011     3rd place Best of Show, Harvest Time, Poudre River Gallery, Fort Collins, Colorado

selected published: books and articles
          2010     "Road Warriors of VolState" Marathon & Beyond, July/Aug. issue
          2007     "Marching in Blankenberge" Walk!, Fall issue
          2007     "Over the Umbrian Hills" Walk!, Spring issue
          2006     "In the Heat of the Summer" Walk! Fall issue
          2006     Walking Outside the Box, Outskirts Press
          2006     The First Marathon: the Legend of Pheidippides, Albert Whitman & Co.

workshops taught
          2015     single-needle Coptic binding, Burren College, Ireland
          2003     Tiles Don't Have to Be Square, Hillsboro, New Mexico
          2003     Possibilities in Tile, Anguila, British West Indies

          2013     Madrono Ranch, Medina, Texas
          2003     International Keramikmuseum, Skaelskor, Denmark   

speaking engagements and documentaries    
          2008    Seafair marathon expo, Bellevue, Washington
          2007    Tahoe marathon expo, Tahoe, Nevada
          2007    Portland marathon expo, Portland, Oregon
          2007    Marine Corps marathon expo, Washington D.C.
          2007    inclusion in documentary and side features on the Athens marathon, produced by Stephen McKenney Steck, WMFE-TV/FM, aired in 2008

selected walks
         2016    solo 6 days, the Algarve, Portugal
         2016    3 days, the Mid-Clare Way, Ireland
         2009    solo ~100 miles, Southern Upland Way, Scotland
         2009    2 day IML event, Wellingborough, England
         2008    solo ~309 miles, Mexico
         2007    solo ~200 miles, Lapland, Sweden
         2007    solo ~110 miles, the Ardennes, Belgium
         2007    Blankenberge, Belgium
         2006    solo ~93 miles, West Highland Way, Scotland
         2005    group hike to 16,000 ft. up Cotapaxi, Ecuador
         2005    4 day IML event, Chantonnay, France
         2004    Great Lake Walk, 56 kms event, Lake Cowichan, Canada
         2004    Rock n Roll marathon, San Diego, California
         numerous day hikes, half marathons, wanderings in places near and far


Our Anthropocene: Eco Crises video
Connecting the Dots
DNA series
Black on grey